Ways of passive income without capital

They’re many different ways to make more without needing capital to begin. They are full-time jobs that you can do to build up your wealth. You can also, pick up freelance jobs.

In this article, I talk about passive income side hustles that you can do on top of those things and don’t require money, to begin with.


Merch by Amazon

You can try Merch by Amazon. So, go to merch.amazon.com and you are going to be able to upload shirt designs to Amazon.

They are gonna print and fulfill your order for you on custom apparel like hoodies shirts and things like that.

Very heads off them, pay you through royalties, so you don’t even need to handle customer support. They do everything for you. This is a super passive income, many people made tons of money through this channel.

When you go on merch. amazon.com there is an application process you need to sign up for you. Want to make sure, you submit a very good application, where you list places you have sold before or websites.

Once you get accepted, you are going to have to try to level up in tears. Essentially, getting sales of your shirts, and every time you get more sales, you are going to be able to upload more designs.

What Merch by Amazon looks like?

When you upload your artwork, you can put it to specific types of garments or you can upload it to all.

Once you do that you will put in the design title the brand that you want to list it under and then put the feature bullets and the product description.
When you do this, you are going to want to try to rank for specific keywords. That’s going to be a crucial way to start getting sales, and then you are going to want to mark searchable and the public of these designs.
Put up this digital design and after that, it’s hands-off Amazon handles everything else for you because they’re going to print the artwork onto the products. They are going to fulfill your orders for you.

Create a blog

Rank your articles and drive traffic

You can monetize through think like ads, through your product courses, books, services, membership sizes, and things like that.

The idea is, you drive traffic to your website and then you get them to purchase something or they click on your ads or they sign up for your membership. To get exclusive access to certain products that you offer.
With this, you are building a brand and an audience that tryst enough to want to learn more from you.

You Tube videos

Through YouTube videos, you are building an audience that really cares about what you are teaching or you are providing value in a different way, like entertainment. But you are building a brand where your audience cares about you, and they are going to be interested in the products that you have to offer.

You might do affiliate marketing and upsell different products that you believe in and recommend. When you are doing affiliate marketing, you are promoting other products and putting your unique link for that product. Whenever people purchase through your link, you get a commission fee.

These are all you know zero dollars to low capital ways of making money
when it comes to the cost of these things. If you did blogging, you’ll need to pay for a hosting plan and a domain name. But all these are very low costs. The other two methods like merch by Amazon and Youtube, don’t require cost at all.

I hope these different ways help to spark your interest in different ideas you might want to pursue.