A guide to profits with Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online platform that you can buy and offer any online job you want.

The way it works is simple. If you are a buyer, you can use the search bar to find what you want. You have the opportunity to choose from thousands of people worldwide who offer this service with Fiverr. All you have to do is come up with something that you like and that suits you best at work or in the “gig”, send them a message or place your order directly.

What is the cost?

The cost that each service can have is determined by the seller himself, his experience, and the quality of the result that he can offer you.

How can you offer a service on Fiverr?

First, you have to think of things that interest you and you enjoy doing. Then do a Fiverr search and find other people who identify with your interests.

Going to the practical part, from the main page of the site, go to the search bar and write down the service you were interested in doing. Seek to find professionals as well as people who are just starting out. Check their work and their descriptions.

How to start?

From here you can register for free and start your journey on Fiverr.

You open an account and fill in your profile which you need to pay a little attention to. 

Finishing with the profile, it’s time to create your first “gig” or service. You start by pressing “become seller”.

Then, fill in the details he asks you, such as title (to be attractive), description, the package he offers you, and other relevant information that will help your customer better understand your services.

Then fill in the “questions” category.

Finally, you create a portfolio or a gallery of samples. This way everyone who visits the service can see what you offer, and choose you.

Where to focus your attention?

1. Low price

Keep in mind that when you start at Fiverr the customers do not know you yet. Therefore, it will help you to make your service more affordable financially in order to attract your first customers. The price you set depends on your experience and your equipment.

2. Keep a professional tone

When a customer sends you to your inbox, keep a professional tone and do not use shortcuts in your speech. There are professional, big companies, so your attitude and careful communication is essential.

3. It will not work if you do not work it

The services you upload will need a little help to make them known to the general public. They need promotion. Make an announcement on the social media you have, share your services with friends.

4. Countdown

When you receive your first order (well done!!!) and your customer sends you what you need to start, then the countdown will begin to complete the order. This is there, to remind you of the “promise” you have given to your customer, that is, in how many days you will deliver your order. So be careful how many days you put in to complete it so you do not look inconsistent and leave dissatisfied customers.

5. It’s time to pay!

Fiverr commits your payment from the beginning. So the customer has already paid you after starting the order. However, when the order is closed, it will take 15 days for you to be able to release the amount from Fiverr. Withdraw you can do through PayPal or from your bank with a small charge which is determined by the respective bank.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not be surprised if you see your money, less than the initial price you have set. Fiverr keeps 20% of your income as a commission.


Fiverr gives you the opportunity to gain customers from all over the world that otherwise you could not find. It promotes you and helps you as long as it sees that you are doing the right thing.

Worth a collaboration with them!

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