Earn money without audience

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to start making money on the internet is affiliate marketing.

Everyone can choose this type of passive income. Whether you are a beginner or not, affiliate marketing can be the solution to your financial issues.

Below we will see some ways that you may find useful in order to achieve your first profits without an audience

First way

As it is already known, TIK TOK is a new social media where you can make any video, without having to show your face and this video to be transmitted to millions of people without having to take any other action.

It has a more contagious algorithm different from Instagram or Facebook.

Before you start, you should understand the operation of this platform, do a little research so that you can start publishing your videos that may bring you profits that you do not imagine.

Second way

An easy way is to give answers to various questions that many people ask. Questions of different categories can be found in forums, Facebook groups, etc. In the answers you will give it is right to put the affiliate links that you intend to promote

Here you must be careful that your answers are not considered spam. Your answers should be substantiated and give value to the reader. I advise you not to post affiliate links from the beginning, but to pass a period of time so that you gain a small audience that respects the value of your answers. This way you will not risk deleting your account.

In another article I will analyze one of the top forum platforms that you can get common  your answers

Third way

A very powerful social networking site is Pinterest with over two hundred million users every month. This means that with the right actions we can take advantage of the high traffic on the platform. To clarify that we cannot make money from Pinterest but through Pinterest. That is, the platform does not pay users but we can indirectly benefit

The first indirect way is content

After creating an account, we need to build our audience. To do this we create content. Τhe content should have a specific category that we will love and know. This will help us achieve a targeted audience with our own interests. As our audience grows, it will be better to approach a company that will sell products related to your category, asking for a partnership.


By promoting the company’s products to your audience, you will announce its presence to people who may not know it and who are interested in its products.

It is not necessary for someone to buy the products that you advertise. The goal is advertising, the promotion of the brand and this is what companies pay for. If you get an audience, companies will ask you to collaborate to advertise them. That means profit for you.

Affiliate marketing

Through Pinterest you can also do affiliate marketing. As we said above, the target audience and the specific category make it easier for you to promote products, services with affiliate links. Affiliate links can be found on networks and platforms such as Click bank, Digistore24, etc. And you will have access to them after becoming affiliate partners of these networks.


There are many ways to make money. In this article we have approached three ways that each of us can accomplish. Do not forget to do everything on the internet, you need to dedicate time and work persistently. By working smartly and gaining the knowledge required by the above categories, you will reach the desired result