Create an online store without much expense

It is a pity to spend money on advertising and our sales are almost zero because our online store is not attractive

It is a pity to spend money on advertising and our sales are almost zero because our online store is not attractive

Print on demand

In this article we will talk about the print-on-demand method wherewith this method we can build an online store, print our designs on items, sell them and keep the net profit as a passive income.
Print-On-Demand (or POD) is business-fine printing with speedy turnaround times, sometimes within as low as some hours or less. Typically, those are short print runs in low quantities (on occasion much less than a hundred to three hundred copies). On-demand printing is made feasible using modern-day advanced virtual printing technologies.

The positive side of the Print on demand

Fast Turnaround, High Quality:

By printing only what you need on-demand printing offers fast turnaround instances, and with modern digital technology the print nice is high enough to satisfy the most discerning print consumer.

Reduce Overprinting:

Digital print technology permits the fundamental benefit of on-demand printing strategies: small portions can be produced fast and price-successfully as wanted. This effect in much less paper being wasted.

Reduce Shipping Costs:

POD printing is no longer the simplest method you’re printing best as an awful lot as you need however additionally which you ship best as a great deal as you print.



Where to create my online store?

One of the remarkable platforms where you could build your online store is Ecwid. Register first for free. You can choose the free start to create your store and this is a big advantage. Of course, if you want in the future, you can upgrade the free program by gaining more privileges and options. Then you will enter the main menu where on the left side you will see the column store manager. After entering the Dashboard will be displayed the 6 steps you must follow to complete the store.

  1. Create an account
  2. Create your online store
  3. Add products
  4. Verify geo settings
  5. Set up shipping or pick up
  6. Get paid

Some Tips

The first impression is a very important condition. Create an attractive showcase to attract the customer to enter your store

Before publishing your store, for it to be complete and not to look like a scam, place at least 20 products.

Social links should not be missing from your store which can be an important source of traffic


I would be very pleased to learn that this article was an incentive for you to set up an online store