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Welcome to our site. Those who enter our website will be able to find informative articles on topics related to marketing, social media and in general with methods that will lead the reader to profit. That’s the goal, profitability. There will also be interesting competitions for a variety of products.


The best ways to promote an ad

Below you will find the 3 most profitable ways to make money online


The CPA comes from the initials (Cash per action) which means reward for each action. But let's look deeper into this and draw our own conclusions in the end. Cash per action is the main method of costing for all the advertising campaigns that a company follows for its products.


CPC comes from the initials of the words Cash per Click and means that we are paid with every click we manage to drive it to one page. The advantage of Cash per click over CPA is that we are not interested in conversion, ie the percentage of clicks that are converted into customers.


With Google Ads you can reach more customers within your budget. Google Ads can be effective with almost any advertising budget. Set a monthly budget limit and you will never exceed it. In addition, you can pause your expenses or adjust them at any time.

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