Gained passive income from Tik Tok

A lot of people think it’s impossible to make money from Tik Tok unless you are a big influence, but it’s not true. So, I kind of want to share the different methods to do this.

Going live

You can get gift cards from people, which equates to money. That’s sounds kind of weird right lout. Let me explain.
First off, you can only go live if you have a thousand followers or more. So, before that, you are not going to be able to go live, which means that you can broadcast who you are following in real-time and people are going to go in and chat with you and you can answer questions.
The interesting thing is users can buy coins on the platform which can convert them to gifts.

Tik Tok creator fund


The Tik Tok creator fund was announced earlier. Tik Tok created this 200 million dollar fund for its content creators in order to support them and they AP that amount to 1 billion dollars to pay out their creators.
now, in order to get into the program, you have to have at least 10000 followers and at least 10000 video views in the last 30 days.

Also, need to be 18 years old or older once you are accepted in the creator fund, you get paid every day for multiple factors, around your videos, including views.
The creator fund is kind of a nice bonus but it,s not going to make you totally rich. It does not pay as well as Youtube does for example.


With sponsorship, brands may approach you in order to make some sponsored content for them.
They might want you to create an ad around their product, review the product, or something like that in a video and they will pay you a certain amount for that video.
Usually, the draw for brands is that not only will the influencer be good marketing for them, where they are going to push out the video to their followers. They can also, use your asset and promote it as an ad onto the Tik Tok platform. Those assets are very valuable for brands.



If you want to get these sponsorships you would probably create a Media Kit. Media Kit is something where you will talk about what you are, what your brand’s about, and how many views you are getting, or how many followers you are getting on each different platform and show what you can do for your brand.

You can create a rate card with your Media Kit where you talk about the prices for each of your different firings. For example, for YouTube, this is how much you charge, for TikTok how much you charge, for blogs, Instagram, whatever that you can offer for the brand makes.

Make sure, you write it out for them, and then you can present that to brands and see if they want to work with you.
Because you don’t want to sponsor different products that you don’t recommend at all.

Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you promote different products that you use yourself, or you recommend and think it’ll give a lot of value to your users.
When you are doing affiliate marketing it’s something that you passionately care about and you use that you think will benefit your audience.
When you are promoting these products, you can use a unique referral link and when people purchase through the link, you got a commission. It’s a win-win situation for the buyer, for the seller.

I hope you enjoyed and find useful these different ways to make money on Tik Tok.